Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built.


I don’t know driving in another way which isn’t risky. Each one has to improve himself. Each driver has its limit. My limit is a little bit further than other’s. – Ayrton Senna

goldRush is an 8 day long rally made up of many smaller events and the two that are constant favorites with our participants are getting some track time on the road course and the crowd favorite, the Exotic Drag Races. We work out the wildest combinations of super car match ups you can imagine. Where else will you get to see a Bugatti Veyron take on a McLaren MP4-12c in the 1/4 Mile? What about a c6 Corvette Z01 battling it out against a Mercedes SLS AMG or the time we set up a Smartcar against the mighty Sport Chassis? Better yet, how about a Aston Martin V12 Vantage pitted against the Ferrari 458 Italia? Anything can happen during a gR Exotics Drag Race and we get the sense that this year will be even wilder than the last 5 years. Since this is where the big boys come out to play, you’ll want to bring your most capable, high horsepower, petrol-gulping beast.

Of course the real test of a drivers sense of timing, precision and bravery happens while on the road course. Every year goldRush Rally makes it a point to land at one of the finest tracks possible on that years route. We’ve had some great track days, however our most recent standout was the ultra exclusive Spring Mountain Motorsports in Pahrump, located about an hour outside of Vegas. This track as with many of the others we’ve visited, almost always create new heros among the gR family during the rally week.

“Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built.” – Henry Ford