in·di·vid·u·al·i·ty Cars as a form of expression


Bring Out Your Big Guns

Everyone knows that the goldRush Rally is a roaming collective of some of the finest vehicles in the country, many of them being highly modified. This year, as with every year on gR, we’ve heard stories of some of the teams bringing out their big guns. We’re talking higher horsepower than stock and in many instances big turbo’d or supercharged, petrol spewing beasts and aesthetically perfected rides. Whether that be lowered on just the right set of wheels or one of the many exciting wraps splashed onto the car specific to the current years rally.

However our participants chose to modify their cars, we can always appreciate when they choose to express themselves through the cars that they build. goldRush Rally is a cut above the rest and the people and vehicles that join our adventure march to the beat of their own drum. After all, diversity is what makes a family interesting. Have a look at some of the heavy artillery we’ve seen in the past goldRush Rally’s in the gallery above.