West Meets East

The Route:
June 9th – 10th: Los Angeles, California
June 10th – 11th: Phoenix, Arizona
June 11th – 13th: Las Vegas, Nevada
June 13th – 14th: Atlanta, Georgia
June 14th – 15th: Panama City, Florida
June 15th – 16th: Orlando, Florida
June 16th: Miami, Florida

The goldRush Rally starts its festivities in the city of Angels on Saturday, June 9th 2012. Our evening starts with a Hollywood style VIP launch party with many surprises in the town that never disappoints. From Los Angeles we are heading out to the “Valley of the Sun”, also known as Phoenix. Get ready for the most visually stunning drive goldRush rally participants have had the pleasure of experiencing yet.

Next, gR4 will start rolling into the fabulous city of Las Vegas for it’s fourth year in a row, we like to think of Vegas as our home away from home. gr4 participants will spend two days and two nights enjoying the best entertainment and VIP parties Sin City has to offer. While teams are out having fun in Las Vegas, the cars will get transported to our first East Coast destination; Atlanta, Georgia.

The rally participants will fly to Atlanta on Wednesday to reunite with their cars. Atlanta is known as “The New York of the South” for a good reason so be prepared to take over the night. Our next destination takes us on a route heading directly south. Time for some pampering in the Beach Resort City of Panama. Panama City’s white sandy beaches and emerald waters will offer our participants a day of relaxation and a perfect time to recharge for the upcoming festivities.

The next morning we head to our sixth destination, Orlando. One of the most visited cities in the US and home to an abundance of activities to keep our participants entertained. And finally, what better city to end gr4 in than the city of Miami. On Saturday, June 16th, prepare to take over the “City of Magic” with a huge VIP finale including dinner, awards ceremony and an evening of club life Miami style.